Strength & Conditioning

Strength And Conditioning – The Best In Personal Training!


We provide all types of fitness training:

  • Private, one on one training
  • Group training
  • Sports club training – elite and amateur
  • High performance programs – juniors and seniors
  • Fitness testing for teams and individuals
  • Online coaching
  • Rehabilitation services

Strength and conditioning coaches are the industry specialists for private/personal training, performance training and group/team training. They are professionals who have completed accredited degrees in either health science, sport science, exercise science or exercise physiology. This means they know the body and systems of the body inside out. Strength and conditioning coaches know how to plan and phase your program effectively breaking your program down to make sure you reach your physical goals and desired body composition change (ie. weight loss, weight gain).

Strength and conditioning and injury prevention:

Whether you are training for strength or rehabilitation, injury prevention and reducing pain is a key component to any program as this maximises movement and performance. This relies on careful programming. Ensuring your joints are stable and movements are strong will decrease your chance of injury significantly.  At BFHG, we make sure you are strong and competent through each phase of your program by educating you about mobility, activation, stability and recovery and incorporating these crucial elements into your program for injury prevention.


BFHG High Performance Programs

Our high-performance programs are customised for amateur athletes, elite athletes and sports teams at all levels and include a team of highly qualified professionals who are registered with professional associations. This means they follow strict guidelines and keep up with a minimum amount of professional development annually.

At BFHG you will get to:

  • Train under the guidance of professional coaches.
  • Reduce the risk of injury and strain.
  • Accomplish short and long-term fitness goals.
  • Creatively train with varied programs.
  • Receive long-term guidance and motivation.
  • Learn more effective lifting techniques.


Talk To Us About Your Fitness Goals

If you would like to talk to a member of our team, or for further information about our Strength and Conditioning services please contact us on (03) 9794 5135 or via email Info@Bfhg.Com.Au

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